About Us

Created by educators for educators and students.

As educators, we noticed that students were not performing at their best because often their minds were not in the classroom. Personal problems, family issues, and bullying caused students to lose focus. Consequently, their academic performance, including test scores, suffered. Stress and depression seemed to take a higher priority in their minds rather than focusing on academics. Most of the students kept quiet about their issues mainly because of stigma. We cared about our students and their success so we decided to do something about it.

The aim of InspireInYou is to meet students exactly where they are in order to provide resources to create a better mindset. Our app is designed to help those who are not willing or who shy away from face-to-face therapy sessions. We provide sustainable solutions for independent management of mental wellness. We help the users to overcome challenges in their academic, social, and personal lives. We are not a replacement of traditional forms of therapy, rather, we are their extension.

Users of InspireInYou app

Adolescents and young adults who are frequently using technology as a mode of communication and have a high rate of issues stemming from issues such as depression and stress.

School counselors can use our app as a tool for continuation of care for their student populations.

Students can seek help without fear of ridicule and embarrassment because the apps offer of anonymity.


The app’s features include

  • Content rating.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Culturally specific content.
  • Continuation of care for clinicians.
  • Behavior tracking.
  • Certified content providers.

Our application promotes a mind shift which promotes positive psychology with each listen.

We do not share data with any other entity, and we will never disclose individual usage.

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